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Get in touch to find out how to bring your content, branding or portraits to life with photography. Check out the pricing below to see what package fits your needs, or if you need something else, reach out and I'd love to learn more about how I can help.

You are passionate about what you do, there is a reason you do it! Whether you're a freelancer, small business, big business, charity or anything else. My goal in every shoot is to enable everyone to know who you are and the face (or faces) behind the name. The photos should represent you. And, they should also make you feel proud. Proud of what you achieve every day.

Who do i work with?

Whether you are a multi-national corporation with a need for discretion as your headshots or events are captured for internal use. A charity who really needs fun and creative content photography capturing what it is you do to get your message where it needs to be, I've got you. Working with start-ups, creatives and charities are real highlights of my job.

Jenny did such a great job with capturing my floral design services through a branding shoot in a beautiful private dining room in Canary Wharf! I am so happy with the photos, her communication was excellent and I would highly recommend her. Thanks again, Jenny!

Zoe B.

Branding Photography for restaurant. Taco Diner Texas. London Branding photographer Jenny Catlow
Branding Photography, Content Photographer London. Brunette Woman with white shirt smiling at camera with green juice
Team Headshot for Startup company in London. Shoreditch branding photos. 2 men 2 women in front of a london bus.
Sushi on dry ice. Food Photography London
Necklace on pastel coloured background. Rarest Rainbow Jewellery. Brand photographer London
Taco Tuesday, Restaurant photography London. Blue background with breakfast dishes on it and menu.
Portrait photography London. Jewellery Photography, branding photographer London. Red head looking away with earrings.
Content photography for influencer and small business photographer. Sweater and necklace on brunette. Steph Duke
Royal Mint Gardens. Content photography. Real Estate Branding Photographer, Young professionals on rooftop of building
Small Business branding photography London. Authentic images. Cheeseboard on a white marble background
Heather Lindsey. Christian speaker and auther. London Brandingheadshot photographer. Christian Event photographer
Bethzienna Williams. Content Photography. Black and white portrait singing at Abbey Road Studios
Woman using gym equipment. Royal Mint Gardens London. Real Estate Photography. Branding Photography London.

So, what's the difference?


Though all forms of photography is considered content, content photography is a strategic style of commercial photography to create relevant and consistent visuals for brand storytelling. The name may seem a little funny, but it's a great way to continually engage or inform your audience about what you're doing. This often looks like regular shoots throughout the year to continually create imagery.


Branding photography, though may be similar to content photography at times, is actually a library of professional photos that represent your work visually. They should help create a look, feel and identity of who you are. For example photos of your team or products, your space or anything else that makes your work unique.


Portraits are often associated with family or couples shoots, but it can also include photos like headshots or team photos. These photos are more specific to the individual where they are the business, (eg. an actor, public speaker) and need high quality visuals to display their personality.

Pricing & Packages


  • A quick phone call or zoom where we chat more deeply about you, what you do, your needs and make plans that will best showcase you
  • Have the shoot, have fun, drink coffee
  • Images that are culled into a set to pick the best quality photos for you
  • Personally edited photos through my unique process - (I don't send my photos away to be edited)
  • Keep all fully edited photos - (not just a minimal selection where you have to pay to get more)
  • Get your images in an online private gallery, that you can download from in different sizes, share with friends, family or even colleagues
  • The option to request a retouch if you feel there are a few tweaks to the edits you might need

Short Shoot

Perfect for a quick refresh of your images whether it's for social content or your website.

1 Hour @ £250

Half Day

Need a bigger range of images? New launch? This is your one. Portraits, products, filler shots.

3 hours @ £600

Full Day

When you really need an overhaul, need a new menu shot, a new product range or want to get the most out of a day with multiple locations.

6 hours @ £1000


Want to organise some consistent shoots? Know you need to update your menu photos? Seasonal photos? Plan ahead with one of these 2 packages.

Package A -

  • x3 half day shoots over 6 months for social content
  • £1400

Package B -

  • X3 1 hour shoots over 3 Months for social content
  • £650
What to expect

You reach out. We have a quick chat by email or phone to get some specifics. You fill in a booking form, and make your deposit.
Then we have a 30minute call or zoom to go over more details, make a plan for the day and answer any questions you might have.

Before the Day

Burtons Blooms. Florist London. London Branding Photographer. Authentic Content Photography.

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