Me in a few short words...


reading addict

cat lover

Photo Reminiscer

Natural living enthusiast

90's Kid

WHy Photography?

I've been taking photos as far back as I can remember. I was always that friend in the group with the camera. My first digital camera was a 3mp point and shoot from Tesco and I loved that thing. Not sure my friends loved the evolution quite as much though.

I’ve spent the last 10 years capturing moments on both sides of the atlantic.

I grew up in Northern Ireland surrounded by the quiet slowness of the country and have spent most of my adult years in cities like London and New York.

I like to think that the contrast in that has helped me see every moment as special, the small moments, the big moments, the in between moments. They all add up to something unique. There is something uniquely special about capturing a person's craft, be that coffee, personal training, a yoga instructor, a designer, an artist, a writer, an actor. Even an event where I can get those moments of interaction, the laughter, a child reading a speech in front of parliament.

As I've grown in my passion for photography, I created a deep appreciation in making other people's dreams come true. To create something that not only captures the essence of their work, but displays it in a way that brings life and personality to it too.

what to expect on a shoot

Photo shoots should be relaxed, fun and simple. Nobody likes to feel awkward or unsure of themselves, particularly in front of a camera. Just be you, just do your thing. I like to capture people, brands, events and more as they are just doing their day- to-day and turning that into an incredible visual. Of course I will give you some direction, but we don't do cheesy photos, weird poses or elaborates setups.