Get to know me

Hey there,

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I'm based in South East London but love to travel. Getting to be a part of people's stories is incredibly special. I love an iced latte, a good book, walks along the Thames and home educating my kids.

I believe in telling stories. I don’t believe that should be stressful or overwhelming. I love capturing people, products and events in a natural way; think relaxed and easy. What you do is important, who you are is important, and authentic images matter!

Jen has been an important part of our company and events for several years. Jen has worked with us on brand development and she has captured what we do in a meaningful way. She consistently delivers a great selection of images, which really capture the mood of the day. Her attention to detail, flexibility and warm tone are especially welcome. Whether she's photographing primary school students or MPs, Jen always is professional and does a fantastic job! It's a pleasure to work with her.

Katie S.

Headshot of a young creative woman in front of a bright orange and yellow brick wall
Sleepasloth branding photography London. Sloth hanging on a crib railing.
Event photography at a worship event New York
Promotional Photography and content photography for a theatre show.
Food and restaurant Photography for a tex-mex restaurant. Tacos and burritos. Food Photographer London
Artist at work creating beautiful prints. Creative content photography for artists, London
Bethzienna Williams coaching young people at the guards chapel, with never such innocence. Content photography

So who do I work with?

I have worked with a huge number of people and businesses across the board. From food and lifestyle photography for tex-mex restaurants in Texas, product photography for exclusive diamond jewellery in Manhattan, multi-national corporations capturing headshots and event photography, artists, musicians, yoga instructors, coffee shops and charities. If you want to have fun, and see your business come to life in photos, then I work with you.

Want to learn more about the photography process and what you'll get when you book with me?


Branding photography for homeware company. Red head, Maggie Hood. Content photography