Living in NYC one of my favourite things, ironically, was to travel to Texas a few times to work with some restaurants out there to take some food and lifestyle photos. Sometimes it still seems surreal that it actually happened. I first went out in September at 12 weeks pregnant and this time around I was 30 weeks pregnant about as big as a house and prepped for 3 days worth of shooting.

The last day of the trip we were scheduled to be at the Mercury to spend the day doing food photos, shots of the staff and some lifestyle images. It was a whirlwind day before I had to get back to the airport to catch my flight back to New York.

The food was unbelievable. One of the best steaks I had eaten and the chicken. Amazing. We photographed everything from specially made cocktails, through to burgers and sushi.

Needless to say I will travel for food photography without question. So if you have a restaurant be it Scotland, Iceland, California or London, reach out and I will come!