One of the places I was in Texas to photograph was Taco Diner. If you didn't know before now, I LOVE Tex-Mex food. I would eat it all day everyday, well as long as it included a steak and some potatoes every so often. So when I get asked to come and shoot at a Tex-Mex restaurant there is zero chance that I am saying no. We got to eat the food as we shot it, had lunch there and well my 30 week pregnant self was in heaven.

We planned a filled 3 days of intense shooting across a few of the restaurants. But we had fun while we did it. The Smithee Group were the ones who organised the shoot, if you need marketing and business know how, reach out to the team. They are some of the nicest people. We got straight to work on the first morning and worked through the 3 days.

I aimed to create a fun relaxed atmosphere while achieving all the shots we needed. I'm fairly sure that we achieved that. Have questions about how to help your business show it's best side? Reach out.