One of the most fun things I have ever had the chance to photograph was Alex and Jacob and their 10 year vow renewal photos in NYC. When they decided prompted by friends to put together a beautiful vow renewal with a photo tour of their city boy did they along with their friends pull it off!

I had previously worked alongside / with Alex who works for the Smithee group when she stepped in as a model replacement and helped coordinate shoots so I already knew she was pretty amazing. But on this day? She was next level amazing. I should also mention here that she is co-founder of Iridescent Women.

We started out by meeting at one of their favourite coffee shops 'Coffee Project NYC' we began with iced lattes, because Iced coffee over everything but also, it was one of the hottest days of the year. I was pretty sure I was going to melt alive, but Alex? Oh she looked perfect the entire time, it was surreal.

The team at coffee project couldn't have been more accommodating had they tried. And their coffee? Let's just say I dragged Derek back there 2 days later for our wedding anniversary day out and made him try the coffee.

A whole lotta love for Cassie, one of Alex's friends who came along to help out however she could. She shamelessly asked people to move so I didn't have to think about it and she carried all the extra things. Making all these photos possible.

After finishing up at Coffee Project we headed out into the streets winding our way slowly via SoHo towards West 4th street station to get to Dumbo.

Enter Dumbo. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Dumbo has so much to offer when it comes to NYC. From backstreets and ally ways to Manhattan skylines and murals. Add that to Alex and Jacob well the explosion of city feels, and their personalities create something magical. And if you ask me these photos speak for themselves.

To finish their day they headed back to their Williamsburg home and celebrated with friends as they renewed their vows in the beautiful Domino park that Jacob helped bring to life. Thankful for amazing people like these two who trust me with their photos and to bring their visions to reality. More days like this please!