My why.

I'm a Northern Irish girl who studied photography, moved to London, lived in NYC for 3 years and now has returned to South East London (Hey Deptford!) with my family. I'm married to Derek who runs Younify and we have a little boy called Noah-James, who is an absolute joy and a total toddler.

My background is in youth and community work which is where I gained a passion for sharing the people beyond the first impression and the vision and values behind businesses and brands. I believe that every person deserves to be seen and every business deserves to be seen. Whether it's headshots, portraits, engagements, elopements your event or workshop even advertising or branding the heart of what you do or who you are is key. I believe in photography that captures those moments be it the big bold moments and details or the small nuances that make you unique.

There’s nothing quite like being a part of capturing a family with their newest addition, seeing someone's dream of their business coming to life, helping that person who ‘hates being in front of the camera’ finding joy and feeling like it was every bit worth it.

To sum it all up, we are relaxed photography for people, city dwellers and businesses. I believe everyone is at their best when they are relaxed, and my job is to capture all of that and leave you feeling like you got exactly what you were hoping for and more.