We had just moved back to NI as a stop gap between Brooklyn and London. I reached out to see if any local businesses wanted to collab on some branding shoots because I was itching to get back to some creative work. Some of my favourite shoots to date took place in the 4 months after NJ was born and moving away from Brooklyn. So I was desperate to get back to work.

The lovely Lisa at White Chalk Studioreached out and we got a date scheduled and off I went to meet her at her home studio. Lisa is amazing for many reasons, she greeted me with a fresh cup of coffee. Isn't that every photographer (especially mum photographers) dream? We talked more about her why and the space she had and her process. That's always an important element for me to be able to take photos that accurately give life to what you are doing and represent it well.

I wanted to capture some photos of her at work and her process as well as how she works in her space. We spent the time chatting and had a very relaxed shoot and even got a few styled shots of prints in her home to give all you lovely lot some ideas for how these will work for you.

Having a branding shoot is such a great idea, we can all shoot great content ourselves these days but sometimes having someone from the outside come in and capture what you do really means they will show you the amazing things you don't even realise you do. If you want to chat more about how this would look for you, or even get some more ideas of what you can do just send me a message.